How do you ZO?

Introducing Zo Skin Health  Zo Skin Health is a comprehensive approach to medical-grade skin care products. Combining a 3-step approach with their science based, clinically

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Microneedling facial. What is it? Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, Medical Director. What if someone told you that rows of thin needles rolled over your face can

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Chem Peel Top 10

What sets The Derm Spa’s chemical peels apart? Here are the facts. Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, Medical Director. Out with the old and in with the

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Botox vs Filler

Botox and fillers. What is what and what can I use? Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, Medical Director. In 2018, around 18 million Americans went through either

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Botox Vs Dysport

Botox vs Dysport. What is the difference? Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, Medical Director. More and more people are getting injections to prevent and reduce the signs

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Diamond Peel

What is Diamond Peel? Wondering about our Diamond Microdermabrasion? Here is our medical director and founder Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, FNP-BC Q/A about our newest facial

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Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, FNP-BC, Medical director and founder of The Derm Spa. Introducing our newest facial treatment, the Hydrofacial. This easy-going facial focus on exfoliation

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Daxxify will change the way you inject your fine lines and wrinkles. Here is why: The injectable, which is often shortened to Daxi in aesthetics lingo,

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