Our clinic focuses on proven evidence-based practice rather it be our effective treatments, clinically-proven skincare products, and treatments or answering any skin-related questions our client’s present. Each month The Derm Spa presents information via our webpage, email list, social media, and Inservice presentations on a topic. The education topic will respond to a service of the month and be associated with a promotion! 

Our Inservice classes will always be available to the general public and provide both live and recorded tutorials by our trained providers. Class size will be limited based on public response. Class information will be $20 and prepaid prior to the date. This fee may then be applied towards the monthly promotion or skincare product (must be used in 30 days). The fee is non-refundable. 

The Derm Spa can be reached via phone, email, or contact us on our social media. 


Daxxify will change the way you inject your fine lines and wrinkles. Here is why: The injectable, which is often shortened to Daxi in aesthetics lingo,

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Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, FNP-BC, Medical director and founder of The Derm Spa. Introducing our newest facial treatment, the Hydrofacial. This easy-going facial focus on exfoliation

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Diamond Peel

What is Diamond Peel? Wondering about our Diamond Microdermabrasion? Here is our medical director and founder Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, FNP-BC Q/A about our newest facial

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10 Benefits Micro

Microneedling, 10 benefits that you need to start now! Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, Medical Director, The world of beauty continues to advance with new treatments that

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Botox vs Dysport

Botox vs Dysport. What is the difference? Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, Medical Director. More and more people are getting injections to prevent and reduce the signs

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Botox vs Filler

Botox and fillers. What is what and what can I use? Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, Medical Director. In 2018, around 18 million Americans went through either

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Chem Peel Top 10

What sets The Derm Spa’s chemical peels apart? Here are the facts. Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, Medical Director. Out with the old and in with the

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Chem Peel

What is a chemical peel and why are they so popular? Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, Medical director Are you looking to improve the health of your

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Microneedling facial. What is it? Cristi Bissegger-Cozad APRN, Medical Director. What if someone told you that rows of thin needles rolled over your face can

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Opening Week Promotions

Monthly Promotion Celebrate our opening with us! Savings and promotions will be announced on our social media daily. Don’t follow us? Register your email for

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How do you ZO?

Introducing Zo Skin Health  Zo Skin Health is a comprehensive approach to medical-grade skin care products. Combining a 3-step approach with their science based, clinically

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The Derm Spa focuses on the center of attention when it comes to your overall health, your skin. Our clinic offers both medical and aesthetic treatments to assist with rejuvenating, nourishing, and resurfacing your skin at any point in your life.