Loyalty Membership

What is it?

Our goal at The Derm Spa LLC is to transform your life, and help you FIND the unsurpassed results that you have always been seeking. The Derm Spa LLC Loyalty Program is a layaway program designed to make our treatments affordable to you and provide you with the most optimal outcomes.

How does it work?

The Loyalty Program works by allowing you to bank your money towards skincare and injection services. Each month, money will be withdrawn from your account and put into a “bank” at The Derm Spa LLC. This “banked” money can be used towards the skincare and/or injection services of your choice every month.

Are there other perks?

In addition to being able to bank your money towards services, you will receive discounts on all the treatments, and 10% off skincare products. These discounts apply as long as you are a part of the program.

Does it expire?

The Loyalty Program has 12 months for your use. You may cancel with a 60 day written notice after you have completed the first 90 days of the contract, but any remaining money will need to be used towards the skincare and injection services offered at The Derm Spa LLC.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. All you do is sign for authorization, and you’re good to go. Any team member at our spa is willing and happy to help you

Our Promises to You:

In exchange for trusting us with your treatment to transformation, we promise you the following:
  • Botox, Dysport, Xeomin will be offered $9.00/unit
  • Daxxidy Toxin-A $8.50/unit
  • All dermal fillers will be 10% off total, may not be combined with monthly promotion if applicable. This includes Sculptra, Kybella, RHA filler, Juvaderm and Restylane.
  • Weight loss Program 10% off per month
  • B12 and Half Syringe filler 5% off
  • All facial services will be 12% off total. Not to be combined with monthly promotions if applicable.
  • All retail will be offered at 10% off but not combined with monthly discounts if applicable.

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