Exfoliation in Stansbury Park UT


Exfoliation is a critical part of any day-to-day skin care regimen. This process can be completed manually or chemically. Exfoliating facials are intended to remove dead cells on the outer layers of the skin and increase cell turnover, restoring a healthy glow and even skin tone. Mechanical exfoliation manually sloughs away dead skin cells on the outermost layer of the epidermis using medical grade skin care products. Chemical exfoliation procedures can include products infused with alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), magnesium crystals or beta hydroxyl acids (BHAs), which are used to loosen skin cells’ forming agents in an effort to clear them away. Benefits to exfoliation facials include improving complexion and increasing blood circulation to preventing breakouts and reducing fine lines and wrinkles to stimulating cellular renewal.
Enzyme and hydration

Enzyme Peels are naturally derived active ingredients found in many fruits and are known to break up dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. By applying enzyme masks your skin dissolves mature skin cells to reveal smoother, softer, and healthier looking skin. Enzyme peels are an effective but soft way to improving your skin’s state and allowing a healthy glow.

Hydrating facials are compacted with water-rich properties and provide deep hydration and stimulate the deep layers of our skin cells and tissue to improve collagen, elastin, and cell generation, while also exfoliating and encouraging blood flow to the skin. This treatment has no downtime and leaves your skin looking and feeling refreshed.

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