How do you ZO?

Introducing Zo Skin Health 

Zo Skin Health is a comprehensive approach to medical-grade skin care products. Combining a 3-step approach with their science based, clinically proven results assist with creating and maintaining healthy, vibrant skin for a lifetime. Our clinic utilizes Zo in office and is available for your home care use. Our staff has been trained by Zo Skin Health Experts and can assist with creating the Zo experience that is right for you. 

Zo Skin Health’s founder Zein Obagi, MD is a world-renowned dermatologist with over 35 years clinical experience. His pioneering concept of creating healthy skin is focused on treating the skin’s condition versus a temporary fix. Zo Skin Health is now the number one dispensed medical grade skin care product line in Europe and continues to streamline safe and effective skin products in over 100 countries. The Derm Spa is excited to introduce this innovative skin care line to our community by being the first provider to offer this powerhouse to our clients!

What is the 3 step-approach to Zo? Cleanse Exfoliate and Tone. Getting skin ready with Zo is simply enough for both new and experienced clients.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Cleanse- to effectively remove dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping and drying the skin. Each Zo Cleanser can focus on improving dry, oily, or sensitive skin with their effective cleanser options.
  •  Exfoliate- to physically remove the build-up of dead skin cells and to stimulate new cell turnover and allow for better product penetration. Zo exfoliates are formulated to be used daily with skin tolerance. 
  • Tone- restore the PH of the skin and ensure treatment products penetrate to the appropriate skin depth.

This fundamental process is applied towards Zo target solutions with pigmentation, brightening, correction and prevention products. Our clinic uses this approach with inhouse services and recommendations for your home use.  Looking to implement Zo into your skin regimen or creating a targeted solution for your skin concerns? Book a complimentary consultation with The Derma Spa this month with our Zo experts and see how Zo can assist you!


Book consultations this month and wave $50 retainer fee! Future consults require $50 retainer fee which is applied towards skin treatment or retail purchase if booked same day. Non-refundable retainer must be used 30 days from original booking for use.

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