The Importance of Routine

Healthy skin habits for a life time

Have you ever thought about why get you that feeling of disgust when you forget to brush your teeth? Why you feel compelled to use deodorant every morning before leaving the house? Habits, we all have them and most of us have been preconditioning ourselves since a young age. Just like brushing your teeth or washing your hair has become a way of life The Derm Spa wants healthy skin habits to be incorporated into your everyday life!

First step in rewiring your morning and evening regimen is using the right material. No, your bar soap multipurpose system does not count. Cleanser can be gentle, acne centered or hydrating depending on your personal needs. Having it right next to your shampoo in the shower or next to the toothbrush allows you to see the 1st step and follow though while its fresh on your mind. Cleanser can also be used in trouble areas such as your chest, back and arms as well as your face. Giving your whole skin system a chance to refresh and prepare their skin cell cycle.

Not wanting a ten step system? Well neither do we. Clinical studies have shown individuals starting skin regimens are less likely to commit to lifetime use if they feel overwhelmed or do not fully understand their purchase.  Breaking down the importance of skin regimens can be focused on lifestyle, need and prevention. Many products can also be multipurpose use and bring in different elements in one bottle. When looking at starting lifetime habits our clinic focuses on Getting Skin Ready with ZO Skin Health. This three-step process allows you to tip toe into your care and slowly develop a regimen that you love. Lets look at the three step process and highlight the areas of concern.

  • Cleanse – to effectively remove dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping and drying the skin. Each Zo Cleanser can focus on improving dry, oily, or sensitive skin with their effective cleanser options.
  •  Exfoliate – to physically remove the build-up of dead skin cells and to stimulate new cell turnover and allow for better product penetration. Zo exfoliates are formulated to be used daily with skin tolerance.
  • Tone – restore the PH of the skin and ensure treatment products penetrate to the appropriate skin depth.

Once having a grasp of your skincare regimen our clinic will take the time to target areas you feel are a concern to your skin’s health. Rather the issue is medical management of a chronic condition or aesthetic concerns in various areas product, interventions and education will be provided to maintain an easy regimen and continuing lifelong goals. The Derm Spa genuinely believes skin health is not a quick fix but a commitment in correcting and preventing the issues. Do not fret, adding in Vitamin C can be combined with pigmentation and texture repair without adding in 6 products. Zo Skin Health allows their clients to continue an easy step process while seeing the clinical change they deserve.

Last, if anything comes to mind after reading this article please read the next sentence twice and slow. USE SPF DAILY. Yes, use SPF daily. Rain, shine, snow, driving in the car or sitting inside wear your sunscreen. ZO Skin Health offers multiple products that not only cover you from the hazardous rays of the elements but can add moisture, tinted color or prime you for your facial routine. This one stop shop should be applied every morning and reapplied if spending more time outside. Your new mantra reapply until you die!

Wondering what your first step will be in creating life habits for healthy skin? Book a consult with our staff today! Our staff is knowledgeable in skin treatments as well as assisting in creating a plan that will work for you for the long haul.

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