Daxxify will change the way you inject your fine lines and wrinkles. Here is why: The injectable, which is often shortened to Daxi in aesthetics lingo, is the most recent neuromodulator to have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of wrinkles. Daxxify differs from other neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport and Xeomin) because of its peptide exchange technology, which pretty much means it’s a formulation. The formula for it doesn’t have any human albumin or animal proteins, and so just by the way that it works, it tends to stay tightly bound and last longer at that neuromuscular junction. It’s really a big innovation and change in the neuromodulator world that allows for it to then last longer. Neuromodulators are designed to not allow a nerve and a muscle to communicate, so when we inject this substance in a muscle, it blocks some of the action and communication,” he says. “This is going to not allow for the muscle to contract, despite the fact that the nerve in your body is telling you to do so.” Neuromodulators temporarily paralyze and relax the facial muscles, preventing them from creating and worsening facial aging.

The biggest difference between Daxxify and other neurotoxins is the formulation and how long it lasts. Most neurotoxins currently on the market list an average three-to-four-month duration of efficacy, while Daxxify claims to have the potential to have an average duration of six months, or possibly longer, as demonstrated in their clinical trials, adding that the alleged secret to the proposed longevity of Daxxify is its unique peptide formulation.

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