July UV Awareness Month

Summer has arrived and while the sun is shining bright it’s a golden time to highlight July as UV Safety Awareness Month!

By learning the risks associated with too much sun exposure and taking the right precautions to protect you and your family from UV rays enjoying the summer months can be sun burn free.

Ever wondered about the difference of sun rays printed on your sunscreen bottle? Here is the run down:

UVC is the shortest and not long enough to reach our skin.

UVB rays come in contact with the outer layer of the skin. UVB rays reach past the ozone layer to the superficial layers of our skin. It is the most prevalent cause of the redness, sun burning, and skin cancer. These rays can cause changes in DNA in cells directly and be one of the top culprits to skin cancer. UVB is dominantly high from 10am to 4pm.

UVA rays permeate into the skin the deepest of the 3 different rays. They reach deep into the skin and are the predominant cause of aging, wrinkling, loose skin, and sunspots. They are not the number one culprit but can cause changes in DNA, which eventually can lead to skin cancer. UVA rays are present all year round and in all seasons. They are able to bounce off reflective surfaces such as water, including liquid and ice or snow. It is vital to make sure that your skin is protected whether it be summer or winter, day or even night, inside and outside!

This month The Derm Spa will highlight UV protection, screening for damage and ways to prevent complications. Stay tuned for our new monthly facials, savings and our….



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